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Mise à jour du 14/04/2020 : Mac :

Hey, une nouvelle mise à jour des Sims 4 est disponible sur Mac. Elle corrige les bugs que le jeu pouvait rencontrer au lancement. Voici les notes de mise à jour en anglais (aucune version française disponible) :

Hello Simmers,

We have a small but important update to address some critical issues for macOS players. Thank you for your reports and assistance in tracking down, and drawing awareness to these important issues.

  1. Players can once again launch The Sims 4 in their language preference when their choice is different from the Origin language options.

  2. Downloaded Packs are now correctly moved to their new location. Origin will no longer insist on reinstalling the packs. This means players won’t end up with two copies.

  3. A few stability improvements were made.

Additional Information:

  1. If one of the workarounds from AnswersHQ was applied to get the game going last week, players don’t have to undo it. No additional action is necessary.

À bientôt

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